Tiny Habits for Change

I’ve always been one for sleeping in but if there was something to be done that required a wake-up in the wee hours I’d be up and going as needed. My alarm would be set for an hour before go-time, the volume always as low as possible and the tune set to something gentle to avoid a rude awakening. For those of you with a Sony phone, 2 cents is my drug of choice. I’d be awake and waiting for the ring a few minutes before it was even time. I made it my mission to silence that alarm as fast as possible, like I was having a personal race against time (aren’t we all), and I’d dart out of bed.

Somewhere between then (5 odd years ago) and now I lost my get up and go. That super useful habit that guaranteed a great start to the day and the “getting-done” of things. I am now well acquainted with the snooze, the resentment at being awoken from slumber, and the internal debate on whether or not it’s worth it to get up. The comfort of bed has overtaken the need to achieve.

The problem with this is that I feel so useless if I’m not achieving things or making changes for the better; the self-awareness techniques I’ve been practicing lately have allowed me to uncover this as a cause to my unhappiness (one of many I am sure I will discover). The solution to the problem seems simple, but as with anything there will be barriers to overcome.


Get up with purpose and get the ball rolling early in the morning to gain the momentum needed to get stuff done!


A lack of routine led to the formation of bad sleeping habits.


Get back in to a good routine, pre-bedtime and post-bedtime.

  1. Tidy up before bed

    With two kids constantly running (and crawling) around, tossing out toys and unpacking the cupboards, the house can become like an obstacle course.   I’ve found it very useful to automate as much as possible.  With the help of technology I’ve managed to automate tasks such as cleaning the floors with the Roomba, getting a dishwasher , and buying a washer-dryer.  Who wants to wake up to an untidy home?

  2. A regular bedtime

    Getting in bed at a set time will make it easier to get up at a set time, as you’ll always get (more or less) the same amount of shut-eye.

  3. A morning routine

    Having something set out to achieve in the morning will give you something to get up for. The achievement of getting something done sets the ball in motion for the rest of the day. It doesn’t have to be something big. Simply making the bed will do.

Let’s do this

I will start working on this today. It’s going to be a heck of a challenge getting out of the disastrously bad habits I have formed around this, but my plan seems solid and straightforward. Why not join me and challenge yourself to do the same?  I’ve also found this fantastic book, Atomic Habits by James Clear, where he speaks in-depth about this concept of tiny habits.  It might come in handy, check it out!



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