Why imagination is important in childhood development

Early stages and development in children is important for them. They have to go through certain stages as they grow. Learning to play creatively and imaginatively is just as important as learning to walk and talk.

Children has this amazing ability to create a world full of wonder and excitement, a world where anything is possible!

As parents I totally understand that at the time we get home we are physically and emotionally tired. But just take 30 minutes out of each day to interact and play with your child. Not only will you give them attention, playing with them is building a bond and solid relationship.

Children seek attention in bad ways when they feel they do not get enough. I’ve learnt that keeping them busy with creative fun and outside play minimise fights and increase the time they spend keeping themswlves busy.

Albert Einstein said that the true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Creative play is very important in early childhood development. It helps children grow physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. During this process children learn to communicate their feelings and thoughts. It improves problem solving skills. Exploring new things and being able to “investigate” what it does is how they learn to think in different ways. Expose your child to music, dancing and singing!

Imaginative play is when children do role playing, they choose any character they want to be and play using their imagination. Doing role play improves social skills which also helps with decision making and how to behave in certain situations. Chidren should be allowed free play on a daily basis. These life skills is important and will be needed as they grow. This type of play will improve their language and relationships with people close to them.

The two fundamentals of childhood development is emotional and physical development. This will assist your child in building relationships with the people around them and being able to communicate with you sharing how they feel and what they are thinking.

Being able to play in a environment where they can become who they want to be is important to build self esteem and learn more about what they like and what they dislike. It gives them a sense of freedom and confidence. Children should be playing outside where they can be exposed to obstacles and learn how to overcome them.

Children with discipline issues will feel a sense of control when playing creatively and imaginatively. This is important because children want feel in control over situations and when you give them this space to live out who they want to be, they will feel that they have more control over situations which gives you as the parent more control in more serious situations.

A few ways you can allow your child to dream a bit;

Let them play outside, it is always full of wonder and endless exploring. Let them tell you stories and listen to what they have to say. Reading is one of the best ways to kick start their imagination. Read to them before they go to sleep. Not only will it help them imagine or picture what you read to them it will help them sleep more peacefully. Read books that describes a scene or story really well.

Get creative this can be tricky and messy but allow them to take part in painting a picture, drawing or making something using the thinking process will allow them to plan ahead.

Imagination is what drives a child to dream big. Encourage them, help them know that they can become anything they dream to be. Its a core importance in developing a child’s brain and how they think. How they act and what they do.

Let children be children after all they are only small for a little while…



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